OracleAtoZ SMS Gateway (Send/Received SMS by using Oracle)

OracleAtoZ SMS Gateway is very useful for many organizations that are dealing with Complains Management System.

By using OracleAtoZ SMS Gateway you can Send/Received complain solving SMS messages directly into your Oracle Database.

Many organizations that are dealing with customer services like CRM Related Companies, Telephone Companies , Dish TV Companies , Cable TV Network Companies and many more that are directly link with customers complain they can use it.

Key feature of our products are:

. Send and Received SMS directly into Oracle Database.
. Send the message to Technician about complains with full address.
. Technician can also reply after solving like 1178 Y.
. 1178 complain will auto solve in your database.
. SMS Sending and Receiving history you can print out.
. Spam SMS will be filter.
. Complain status will be auto update on you dashboard.
. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly SMS sending and receiving history.
. Integrated with your existing mobile or GSM modem.
. Integrated with your any Oracle Application 6i or 10g forms.
. 24/7 support in all over the world.
. Flexible mode of payment.
. Flexible and Affordable packages for small and big organizations.
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  • Khubaib Ahmad

    Dear please provide me complete package detail of sms software.

    • Our SMS software is very helpful, we use one third party software for it. it is two way software sending/receiving. If you need any thing help from our side please let we know. Feel for free contact with us on

      OracleAtoZ Team

  • Zeeshan Ahmad

    Hi how are you,
    Sir i want to send sms to mobile Phone from oracle forms.