Oracle Error Codes (ORA-01001 to ORA-01915)

ORA-01001: invalid cursor

ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence

ORA-01003: no statement parsed

ORA-01004: default username feature not supported; logon denied

ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied

ORA-01006: bind variable does not exist

ORA-01007: variable not in select list

ORA-01008: not all variables bound

ORA-01009: missing mandatory parameter

ORA-01010: invalid OCI operation

ORA-01012: not logged on

ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

ORA-01014: ORACLE shutdown in progress

ORA-01015: logon called recursively

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

ORA-01018: column does not have a LONG datatype

ORA-01020: unknown context state

ORA-01021: invalid context size specified

ORA-01024: invalid datatype in OCI call

ORA-01025: UPI parameter out of range

ORA-01027: bind variables not allowed for data definition operations

ORA-01028: error backing out last row, transaction rolled back

ORA-01030: SELECT … INTO variable does not exist

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

ORA-01032: no such userid

ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress

ORA-01034: ORACLE not available

ORA-01037: cannot allocate sort work area cursor; too many cursors

ORA-01038: this version of ORACLE is too old to access the database

ORA-01039: database version num incompatible with ORACLE version num

ORA-01040: this version of ORACLE does not match the mounted system

ORA-01046: cannot acquire space to extend context area

ORA-01050: cannot acquire space to open context area

ORA-01053: user storage address cannot be read

ORA-01054: user storage address cannot be written

ORA-01057: invalid or ambiguous block.field reference in user exit

ORA-01071: cannot perform operation without starting up ORACLE

ORA-01072: cannot stop ORACLE, ORACLE not running

ORA-01073: fatal connection error: unrecognized call type

ORA-01074: cannot shut down ORACLE; inside a logon session – log off first

ORA-01075: you are currently logged on

ORA-01076: multiple logons per process not yet supported

ORA-01077: background process initialization failure

ORA-01078: failure in sending system parameters

ORA-01080: error in shutting down ORACLE

ORA-01081: cannot star already-running ORACLE – shut it down first

ORA-01085: maximum savepoints exceeded

ORA-01086: savepoint ‘name’ never established

ORA-01087: cannot start up ORACLE – ctmently logged on

ORA-01088: cannot shut down ORACLE while active processes exist

ORA-01089: immediate shutdown in progress – no operations are permitted

ORA-01090: shutdown in progress – connection is not permitted

ORA-01091: failure during stop force

ORA-01099: cannot mount database in SHARED mode if started in single process mode

ORA-01100: database ready mounted

ORA-01101: database being created currently mounted by some other instance

ORA-01102: cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

ORA-01103: database name ‘name’ in control file is not ‘name’

ORA-01104: number of control files num disagrees with first instance’s number of

control files num

ORA-01105: control file sequence num disagrees with first instance’s control file

sequence num

ORA-01106: database must be closed before dismounting

ORA-01107: database must be mounted for media recovery

ORA-01108: too many instances opening database

ORA-01109: database not open

ORA-01110: file ‘name’ not online

ORA-01112: media recovery not started

ORA-01113: file ‘name’ needs media recovery starting at log sequence num

ORA-01114: IO error writing blocks of file‘name’ (block num, blocks num)

ORA-01115: IO error reading blocks from file ‘name’ (block num, blocks num)

ORA-01116: error in opening database file ‘name’

ORA-01118: cannot add any more database files: limit of num exceeded

ORA-01119: error in creating database file ‘name’

ORA-01120: cannot remove online database file ‘name’; database is open or SHARED

ORA-01121: cannot rename online database file ‘name’; database is open or mounted


ORA-01122: database file ‘name’ (file ‘name’) failed verification check

ORA-01123: cannot set online backup; media recovery not enabled

ORA-01124: cannot recover online file ‘name’ unless datab;ase mounted EXCLUSIVE

ORA-01125: cannot disable media recovery – file ‘name’ has online backup set

ORA-01126: database must be mounted EXCUSIVE and not operate for this operation

ORA-01127: database name ‘name’ exceeds size limit of num characters

ORA-01128: file ‘name’ does not exist

ORA-01129: user’s default tablespace does not exist

ORA-01130: database file ‘name’ version num incompatible with ORACLE version num

ORA-01131: DB_FILES system parameter value num exceeds limit of num

ORA-01132: length of database file name ‘name’ exceeds limit of num characters

ORA-01133: length of log file name‘name’ exceeds limit of num characters

ORA-01134: database mounted EXCLUSIVE by another instance

ORA-01135: file ‘name’ accessed for DML/query belongs to offline tablespace

ORA-01136: DBWR failed to open file ‘name’ – possibly locked by another OS process

ORA-01137: error ending backup – begin backup timestamps do not match

ORA-01138: manual database recovery has not applied enough logs to make files valid

ORA-01139: RESETLOGS optiononIy vaIid after a manual database recovery

ORA-01141: error renaming datafile ‘name’ -new file ‘name’ not found

ORA-01143: cilnno.t disable media recovery – file ‘name’ is offline

ORA-01144: tablespace file ‘name’ needs media recovery starting at log sequence # num

ORA-01145: tablespace offline immediate disallowed unless media recovery enabled

ORA-01400: mandatory (NOT NULL) column is missing or NULL during insert

ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

ORA-01402: WITH CHECK OPTION violates view’s WHERE clause

ORA-01403: no data found

ORA-01405: fetched column value is NULL

ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated

ORA-01407: cannot update mandatory (NOT NULL) column to NULL

ORA-01408: such column list already indexed

ORA-01409: NOSORT option may not be used; rows are not in ascending order

ORA-01410: invalid ROWID

ORA-01416: two tables cannot be outer-joined to each other

ORA-01417: more than one table with (+) in outer join predicate

ORA-01418: specified index does not exist

ORA-01419: datdts: illegal format code

ORA-01420: datstd: illegal format code

ORA-01421: datrnd/dattrn: illegal precision specifier

ORA-01427: single-row query returns more than one row

ORA-01430: column being added already exists in table

ORA-01431: internal inconsistency in GRANT command

ORA-01432: public synonym to be dropped does not exist

ORA-01433: synonym to be created is already defined

ORA-01434: private synonym to be dropped does not exist

ORA-01435: user does not exist

ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data

ORA-01437: cannot have join with CONNECT BY

ORA-01438: value larger than specified precision allows for this column

ORA-01439: column to be modified must be empty to change datatype

ORA-01440: column to be modified must be empty to decrease precision or scale

ORA-01441: column to be modified must be empty to decrease column length

ORA-01442: column to be modified to NOT NULL is already NOT NULL

ORA-01443: intemal inconsistency, illegal datatype in resultant view column

ORA-01444: internal inconsistency, internal datatype inaps to invalid external type

ORA-01445: cannot select ROWID from view of more than one table

ORA-01446: cannot select ROWID from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.

ORA-01448: index must be dropped before changing to desired type

ORA-01449: column contains NULL values; cannot alter to NOT NULL

ORA-01450: maximum key length exceeded

ORA-01451: column to be modified to NULL is already NULL

ORA-01452: cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX, duplicate keys found

ORA-01453: SET TRANSACTION must be first statement of transaction

ORA-01454: cannot convert column into numeric datatype

ORA-01455: converting column overflows integer datatype

ORA-01456: may not perform update operation inside a READ ONLY transaction

ORA-01457: converting column overflows decimal datatype

ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable character string

ORA-01459: invalid length for variable character string

ORA-01460: unimplemented or unreasonable conversion requested

ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column

ORA-01462: cannot insert string literals longer than 255 characters

ORA-01463: cannot grant to or revoke from self

ORA-01464: circular grant (granting to grant ancestor) of table or view

ORA-01465: invalid hex number

ORA-01466: unable to read data – table definition has changed

ORA-01467: sort key too long

ORA-01469: PRIOR can only be followed by a column name

ORA-01471: cannot create a synonym with the same name as object

ORA-01472: cannot use CONNECT BY on view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.

ORA-01473: cannot have subqueries in CONNECT BY clause

ORA-01474: cannot have START WITH or PRIOR without CONNECT BY

ORA-01475: must parse cursor to change bind variable datat3Te

ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero

ORA-01477: user data area descriptor is too large

ORA-01478: array bind may not include any LONG columns

ORA-01480: trailing null missing from STR bind value

ORA-01481: invalid TO_CHAR format string

ORA-01482: unsupported character set

ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable

ORA-01500: failure in getting date/time


ORA-01503: cannot get control file name(s)

ORA-01505: error in adding log files

ORA-01506: missing or illegal database name

ORA-01507: database not mounted

ORA-01508: cannot create database; error in file ‘name’ at line num.

ORA-01509: specified name ‘name’ does not match actual ‘name’

ORA-01510: error in deleting log files

ORA-01511: error in renaming log/data files

ORA-01514: error in dropping log ‘name’; no such log

ORA-01515: cannot drop log at this time; log in use

ORA-01516: ii nonexistent log/data file ‘name’

ORA-01517: cannot rename log ‘name’ at this time; log in use

ORA-01518: CREATE DATABASE must specify more than one log file

ORA-01519: error while processing file ‘name’ near line num

ORA-01520: number of data files to add (num) exceeds limit of num

ORA-01521: error in adding data files

ORA-01522: file ‘name’ to be renamed does not exist

ORA-01523: name data file to ‘name’ file already part of database

ORA-01524: failure in renaming data file ‘name’

ORA-01525: error in renaming data files

ORA-01526: error in opening file ‘name’

ORA-01527: error while reading file ‘name’

ORA-01528: EOF while processing SQL statement

ORA-01529: error closing file ‘name’

ORA-01532: cannot create database; instance being started elsewhere

ORA-01533: cannot rename file ‘name’, file does not belong to tablespace

ORA-01534: rollback segment name doesn’t exist

ORA-01535: rollback segment ‘name’ already exists

ORA-01535: sii snapshot too old (rollback seg3nent too small)

ORA-01536: resource privilege or space quota exceeded for tablespace ‘name’

ORA-01537: cannot add data file ‘name’ – file already part of database

ORA-01538: failed to acquire any rollback segment

ORA-01539: tablespace ‘name’ is not online S@

ORA-01540: tablespace ‘name’ is not offline

ORA-01541: tablespace cannot be brought offline, shut down if necessary

ORA-01542: tablespace ‘name’ is of tine, cannot allocate space in it

ORA-01543: tablespace ‘name’ already exists

ORA-01544: cannot drop system rollback segment

ORA-01545: rollback segment ‘name’ specified not available

ORA-01547: ecl to allocate extent of size num in tablespace ‘name’

ORA-01549: tablespace not empty, use INCLUDING CONTENTS option

ORA-01550: cannot drop system tablespace

ORA-01551: extended rollback segment, pinned blocks released

ORA-01552: cannot use system rollback segment for non-system tablespace ‘name’

ORA-01554: out of transaction slots in transaction tables

ORA-01556: maximum number of extents exceeded

ORA-01557: rollback segment extents must be at least 3 blocks

ORA-01558: out of transaction ID’s in rollback segment ‘name’

ORA-01559: MAXEXTENTS for rollback segment must be greater than 1

ORA-01560: global hash table size mismatch

ORA-01561: failed to remove all object in the tablespace specified

ORA-01562: failed to extend rollback segment

ORA-01563: rollback segment is PUBLIC, need to use the keyword PUBLIC

ORA-01564: rollback segment is not PUBLIC

ORA-01565: error in identifying file‘name’

ORA-01566: file specified more than once in DROP LOGFILE

ORA-01567: dropping log would leave less than two log files

ORA-01568: cannot set space quota on PUBLIC

ORA-01569: data file too small for system dictionary tables

ORA-01571: log records version num incompatible with ORACLE version num

ORA-01572: global hash table size num for rollback segments is too small for rollback

segment ID ‘name’

ORA-01573: shutting down instance, no further change allowed

ORA-01574: maximum number of concurrent transactions exceeded

ORA-01575: timeout waiting for space management resource

ORA-01576: instance locking protocol version num incompatible with ORACLE version


ORA-01577: cannot add log file ‘name’ – file already part of database

ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # num, block num)

ORA-01700: duplicate username in list

ORA-01703: missing SYNONYM keyword

ORA-01704: string literal too long

ORA-01706: user function result value was too large

ORA-01707: missing LIST keyword

ORA-01709: program does not exist

ORA-01710: missing OF keyword

ORA-01711: duplicate privilege listed

ORA-01712: you cannot grant a privilege which you do not have

ORA-01713: GRANT OPTION does not exist for that privilege

ORA-01714: error in execution of user function

ORA-01715: UNIQUE may not be used with a cluster index

ORA-01716: NOSORT may not be used with a cluster index

ORA-01717: seccta: invalid access mode token passed

ORA-01722: invalid number

ORA-01723: zero-length columns are not allowed

ORA-01725: must have DBA privilege to do requested GRANT or REVOKE

ORA-01727: numeric precision specifier is out of range (1 to 38)

ORA-01728: numeric scale sped ier is out of range (-84 to 127)

ORA-01729: database link name expected

ORA-01730: invalid number of column names specified

ORA-01731: circular view definition encountered

ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view

ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here

ORA-01734: must have DBA privilege to create or drop PUBLIC synonyms

ORA-01735: invalid ALTER TABLE option

ORA-01736: [NOT] SUCCESSFUL expected

ORA-01737: you may only lock a table in SHARE for EXCLUSIVE mode

ORA-01738: missing IN keyword

ORA-01739: missing MODE keyword

ORA-01740: missing double quote in identifier

ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier

ORA-01743: internal inconsistency; illegal user function index

ORA-01744: inappropriate INTO

ORA-01745: invalid host/bind variable name

ORA-01746: indicator variable not permitted here

ORA-01747: invalid user.table.column, table.column or columns specification

ORA-01748: only simple column names allowed here

ORA-01749: you may not GRANT/REVOKE privileges to/from yourself

ORA-01750: UPDATE REFERENCES may only be REVOKED from the whole table,

not by column

ORA-01753: column definition incompatible with clustered column definition

ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated

ORA-01758: table must be empty to add mandatory (NOT NULL) column

ORA-01759: user function is incorrectly defined

ORA-01760: illegal argument for function

ORA-01762: vopdrv: view query block not in FROM

ORA-01765: specifying table’s owner name is not allowed

ORA-01766: dictionary table not allowed in this context

ORA-01767: UPDATE … SET expression must be a subquery

ORA-01768: number string too long

ORA-01769: duplicate CLUSTER option specifications

ORA-01770: CLUSTER option not allowed in CREATE CLUSTER command

ORA-01771: illegal option for a clustered table

ORA-01773: may not specify column datatypes in this CREATE TABLE

ORA-01775: looping chain of synonyms

ORA-01777: WITH GRANT OPTION not allowed in this system

ORA-01778: maximum subquery nesting level exceeded

ORA-01780: string literal required

ORA-01785: ORDER BY item must be the number of a SELECT list expression

ORA-01786: FOR UPDATE of this query expression is not allowed

ORA-01787: only one clause allowed per query

ORA-01788: CONNECT BY clause required in this query

ORA-01789: query has incorrect number of result columns

ORA-01790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression

ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expression

ORA-01792: maximum number of columns in a table or view is 254

ORA-01793: minimum number of index columns is 16

ORA-01794: maximum number of cluster columns is 16

ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 254

ORA-01796: this operator cannot be used with lists

ORA-01797: this operator must be followed by ANY or ALL

ORA-01799: must have DBA privilege for this AUDIT operation

ORA-01801: date format is too long for internal buffer

ORA-01802: Julian date is out of range

ORA-01810: format code appears twice

ORA-01811: Julian date precludes use of day of year

ORA-01812 : year may only be specified once

ORA-01813: hour may only be specified once

ORA-01815: BC/AD conflicts with use of B.C./A.D.

ORA-01816: month may only be specified once

ORA-01817: day of week may only be specified once

ORA-01818: ‘HH24’ precludes use of meridian indicator

ORA-01819: signed year precludes use of BC/AD

ORA-01820: format code cannot appear in date input format

ORA-01821: date format not recognized

ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string

ORA-01831: year conflicts with Julian date

ORA-01832: day of year conflicts with Julian date

ORA-01833: month coniflicts with Julian date

ORA-01834: day of month conflicts with Julian date

ORA-01835: day of week conflicts with Julian date

ORA-01836: hour conflicts with seconds in day

ORA-01837: minutes of hour conflicts with seconds in day

ORA-01838: seconds of minute conflicts with seconds in day

ORA-01839: date not valid for month specified

ORA-01840: input value not long enough for date format

ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +4713

ORA-01842: quarter must be between 1 and 4

ORA-01843: not a valid month

ORA-01844: week of year must be between 1 and 52

ORA-01845: week of month must be between 1 and 5

ORA-01846: ot a valid day of the week

ORA-01847: day of month must be between 1 and last day of month

ORA-01848: day of year must be between 1 and 365 (366 for leap year)

ORA-01849: hour must be between 1 and 12

ORA-01850: hour must be between 0 and 23

ORA-01851: minutes must be between 0 and 59

ORA-01852: seconds must be between 0 and 59

ORA-01853: seconds in day must be between 0 and 86399

ORA-01856: BC/B.C. or AD/A.D. required

ORA-01857: not a valid time zone

ORA-01897: invalid delimiter in date input string

ORA-01900: LOGFILE keyword expected

ORA-01901: ROLLEACK keyword expected

ORA-01902: SEGMENT keyword expected

ORA-01903: EVENTS keyword expected

ORA-01904: DATAFILE keyword expected

ORA-01905: STORAGE keyword expected

ORA-01906: BACKUP keyword expected

ORA-01907: TABLESPACE keyword expected

ORA-01908: EXISTS keyword expected

ORA-01909: REUSE keyword expected

ORA-01910: TABLES keyword expected

ORA-01911: CONTENTS keyword expected

ORA-01912: ROW keyword expected

ORA-01913: EXCLUSIVE keyword expected

ORA-01914: invalid auditing option for sequence numbers

ORA-01915: invalid auditing option for views