Chapter No.4 How to draw a Canvas on form?

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Canvas is an area of Oracle Form Builder like a ground area where we draw different items on canvas. Like Text Item, List Item, Radio Button, Image and etc…

By following these steps you can draw a canvas on form.

  1. Click on “Canvas” that is under the hierarchy of Form.
  2. Press “Create” button on left side.
  3. A new canvas with default name “CANVAS2” will create.
  4. A canvas will create in canvas tag.
  5. Just double click on “CANVAS2”.
  6. A screen will open front of you.
  7. This is canvas or ground that will use for draw the items.

A Canvas will use for draw the different items on it, now we will draw different items on this area and use this area as a home ground of fields. Every item will draw on this area.

Now we draw items on this canvas by using data block in next chapter.

Oracle Form 6i A

Oracle Form 6i B


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