How make LOV in oracle forms builder?

You can make LOV step by step

1- Open form builder draw two fields 1st filed name “UOM_ID” and second field name “UOM_NAME”

2- Just Click on LOV option in list and click on green “+” button for new.

3- Click next and write the query in it.

4- select fields in it by using “>” button

5- Now click on “Return Value” and press the button “Look up return Item”

6- Click Next and give any name to LOV like “UOM List”

7- Click Next

8- Select “>” item where you want to populate you “LOV”

9- Click finish

10- Now run the form then Press “F9” on “UOM  _Code” a LOV will appear then select you value as per your demand.

Your LOV is ready Now……. 🙂