Chapter No.8 Form Data Block Property

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We are discus here some important properties of Oracle Forms Builder.

We can change these properties of block as per need. If we press “F4” on any Block then we will see these properties that are given below. We are here discussing only most useable properties.



Property Name




We can set here Block Name.


We can give any comments about Block.


Navigation style

·         Same Record  = Cursor will not move next

·         Change Record = Cursor will move on next record

·         Change Data Block = Cursor will move on next block

Next Navigation Data Block

When current block fields end cursor will move on next block that we will mention here.

Previous Navigation Data Block

Cursor will move on previous block that we will mention here from 1st field of current block.


Current Record Visual Attribute Group

Provide Visual attribute name that will show color/font on record.

No. of Record Display

How many fields will display of this block.

Query All Records

If set “YES” then it will provide sum of block in single field.

Record Orientation

Vertically or Horizontally


Database Data Block

·         Yes=Database Block

·         No=Non-Database Block

Query Allowed

Yes=We can Fetch records in this Block

Query Data Source Type

Table or View from where data will come

Query Data Source Name

Name of Table or View

Where Clause

Any Where condition

Order By Clause

Use for sorting data

Insert Allowed

·         Yes=we can insert records in it

·         No= we can’t insert in it

Update Allowed

·         Yes=We can update this block data

·         No=We can’t update data of this block

Delete Allowed

Yes=We can delete data of this block

No= We can’t delete data of this block

Maximum Record Fetched

No. of record fetch in block

Scroll Bar

Show Scroll Bar

·         Yes=Scroll Bar Show

·         No=Scroll Bar Hide

Scroll Bar Canvas

Provide the name of the canvas where to display scroll bar

Scroll Bar Tab Page

Provide the name of the Tab page where to display it.

Scroll Bar Orientation

Either to display Vertically or horizontally

Scroll Bar X Position

Provide X position of Scroll Bar

Scroll Bar Y Position

Provide Y position of Scroll Bar

Scroll Bar Width

Provide Width of Scroll Bar

Scroll Bar Length

Provide Length of Scroll Bar


Oracle Form Block property1

Oracle Form Block property2Oracle Form Block property3

In next chapter we will same learn in detail about Item property of oracle forms builder.


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