Chapter No.9 Form Item Property

Every item on Oracle Forms Builder has its unique properties.  We can change these properties according to our need of the application. In this chapter we will discuss some important and most usable properties of items.



Property Name




Use for give proper Item Name

Item Type

Text Item/List Item/Radio Group and etc…


Comments about this field/Item



·         Yes=We can put data in this item

·         No=We cannot put data in this item


Right, Left, Center use for display of data


Yes=We can put multiple lines data in this field.

Case Restriction

Lower, Upper, Mixed use for Input Data

Conceal Data

Yes= data will show in the form of password like *************


Keyboard Navigable

Yes=Cursor will move on this field

Previous Navigation Item

Give name of field where from cursor will come in this field

Next Navigation Item

Give name of field where cursor will after this field


Data Type

Char/Number/Date and etc…

Maximum Length

Define characters length of this field

Fixed Length

If we set value of this field 10 then data of this filed should be 10 characters.

Initial value

You can set any initial value of this field.


·         Yes=This field must be entered

·         No=This is optional field

Format Mask

You can give any format mask for this field like 999,999,999 or dd/mm/yyyy

Lowest Allowed Value

If we set value of this field 5 then data should be in this field GREATER than 5.

Highest Allowed Value

If we set value of this field 5 then data should be in this field LESS than 5.

Copy Value From Item

If you will provide any other field name in this field then data will automatically of this field in it.

Synchronize with Item

If we will provide name of any field in it then both filed data will same.


Calculation Mode

·         Summary= It will be summary of any column.

·         Formula=we will provide any formula in this filed.


If we set type formula on calculation Mode field then you should be provide any formula in it.

Summary Function

If you will set type summary on calculation Mode field the you should be provide summary function in it like SUM, AVG. MIN, MAX

Summarized Block

If you will set type summary on calculation Mode field the you should be provide summarized block name in it.

Summarized Item

If you will set type summary on calculation Mode field the you should be provide summarized Item name in it.


Current Record Visual Attribute Group

Provide Visual Attribute Group Name

Distance Between Record

Distance between fields

No. of Item Displayed

How much fields display on block.


Database item

·         Yes=It will be database item that will related to table field also.

·         No=It will not connected with database table field.

Column Name

A unique field name that will database item name if this is database item.

Query Only

Y=This field only use for Query

Query Allowed

Yes=You can query in this block

Query Length

If you set the value 10 then when you do Enter-Query then field data will be 10 characters.

Case Insensitive Query

Yes=Enter-Query will be in small abc

Insert Allowed

Yes=You can Insert data in this field

Update Allowed

Yes=You can update data in this field

Update only if Null

Yes=if field null then you can update this field otherwise you will not.

List of Values (LOV)

List of Values

Select name of LOV that you have created on form level.

List X Position

LOV display X position

List Y Position

LOV display Y position

Validate From List

YES=Then data will enter in this field should be equal to LOV data that you have select for this field.



·         Yes= This field will be display on canvas.

·         No= This field will not display on canvas.


Provide canvas name where this field will display.

Tab Page

Provide Tab page name where this field will display.

X Position

X Position of this field

Y Position

Y Position of this field


Width of this field


Height of this field


Lowered, raised, Inset these are different modes of this field display on canvas.

Visual Attribute

Visual Attribute Group

Visual Attribute Group Name

Prompt Visual Attribute

Visual Attribute for caption of this field


Fore Ground Color

Line color of this field

Back Ground Color

Back Ground Color of this field

Fill Pattern

Fill pattern style of this field


Font Name

Font Name like “ARIAL”

Font Size

Font Size like 12,14,16

Font Weight

Font weight Like BOLD,LIGHT

Font Style

Font Style like ITALIC,PLAIN

Font Spacing




Use for field Caption


Prompt Display Style

Caption style


Prompt Justification

Caption direction


Prompt Attachment Edge

Caption attached edge


Prompt Alignment

Caption alignment

Prompt Color

Prompt Fore Ground Color

Caption Fore ground color

Prompt Font

Prompt Font Name

Caption font name

Prompt Font Size

Caption font size

Prompt Font Weight

Caption font weight

Prompt Font Style

Caption font style

Prompt Font Spacing

Caption spacing



Hint about this field for end user

Display Hint Automatically

Yes=Hint will come automatically on field


When cursor will come on this field then a small Tooltip will come on screen automatically Like “This field for NIC No.”

Tooltip Visual Attribute Group

Tooltip font, style etc….




 Item’s property List:






After this lesson you will be able to Learn Oracle very soon.

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