Forms Builder

How make LOV in oracle forms builder?

You can make LOV step by step 1- Open form builder draw two fields 1st filed name “UOM_ID” and second field name “UOM_NAME” 2- Just Click on LOV option in list and click on green “+” button for new. 3- Click next and write the query in it. 4- select fields in it by using […]

How to set Item property in oracle forms builder?

You can easily set Item’s property of different items in form builder. For restrict Insert/Update in item: SET_ITEM_PROPERTY(‘TRANS_ID’,INSERT_ALLOWED,PROPERTY_FALSE); SET_ITEM_PROPERTY(‘TRANS_ID’,UPDATE_ALLOWED,PROPERTY_FALSE); For set required property No in item: SET_ITEM_PROPERTY(‘TRANS_ID’,REQUIRED,PROPERTY_FALSE); For set Enabled/Disabled item: SET_ITEM_PROPERTY(‘TRANS_ID’,ENABLED,PROPERTY_FALSE); For any color to Item: Set_Item_Instance_Property( ‘TRANS_ID’, CURRENT_RECORD,VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE,’VISUAL_ATTRIBUTE_NAME’);    

How to set Form’s Builder windows property?

By using this code we will set window property of the form. Just paste this code on form level in “WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE”. When you will run form then it will automatically set the property of the windows. ———————————————- set_window_property(forms_mdi_window, window_state, maximize); set_window_property(‘window1’, window_state, maximize); set_window_property(‘window1’, title, ‘Form Header Name’); ———————————————- * If you like this article […]

Pass Parameter from One Form to another

You can easily pass parameters from one form to another form by using this code. we need to transfer values of parent form to child form for different purposes for example for Login name ect…. 1- Make one parent form in oracle forms builder 2- Write this code behind the button of parent form that […]

How to call report through form builder and pass parameter.

You can call report through form builder also you can pass parameters through form to report. Just paste this code behind the button on form builder then call a report On report parameter name: “indent_id” On form parameter name :    “indent_trans_id” Report Name and location: D:\INDENTS.REP ——————————————– declare temp_id paramlist; begin temp_id := CREATE_PARAMETER_LIST(‘V_A’); ADD_PARAMETER(temp_id,’indent_id’,text_parameter,:indent_trans_id); […]

Dynamic List of Values

By using this code you will create dynamic List of values in oracle forms builder. 1- Create table and insert data in to. create table uom ( uom_id number, uom_name varchar2(25) ); insert into uom values(1,’pieces’); insert into uom values(2,’meters’); insert into uom values(3,’yards’); 2- Open forms builder and draw one field on forms builder […]